If Winter Comes

coming September 10 to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks


Welcome to my site!

I’m excited! I’m also a bit intimidated.  While I have long wished to publish a novel, the idea of putting it out for everybody to see is a bit scary.  Still, I am a mature woman and for many years I critiqued the writings of my students.  It is probably time to see how my scribbles fare in the eyes of others.

Rebel Ink Press made this endeavor easy. From the instructions they post on their website to the specific requests the editor emailed, the entire process has gone smoothly.  They even accommodated my request to use my granddaughter Jenny’s photograph as the cover art, and I think the result is beautiful.

There is another I need to thank.  Rebel author Donna Steele has been a treasure, generous with her time, her information and her encouragement.  She finds joy in sharing with other writers, and I am fortunate to have met her.  (That story might come in another blog.)

If you are reading this, I hope you will read If Winter Comes.  The sequel to this novel is close to completion.  Can Spring Be Far is the unlikely romance that develops between Robert and Susan who are introduced in my current release.